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The strong Chinese culture in Chinatown makes it easy to find a fun way to spend the day. Chinatown's many authentic Chinese restaurants and shops draw Chicagoans and tourists alike who are looking to enjoy a unique and exciting part of the city.


The Cermak-Chinatown station for the CTA L red line is in the heart of Chinatown and goes through the downtown Loop and north to Howard Street. The Stevenson Expressway is just blocks away for highway commuters.


Chinatown has several festivals throughout the year and is flush with dim sum restaurants and traditional tea boutiques on Wentworth Avenue and shops with imported goods in the Chinatown Square outdoor mall. The neighborhood is home to a number of sights to admire, from the intricate architecture to museums and galleries. Hop on the Water Taxi at the pagoda in Ping Tom Park. For nightlife, check out nearby Reggie's Rock Club, Zero Degree Karaoke, and Skylark, which features live music every Monday as well as an extensive craft beer list.

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