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Pilsen is part of Chicago's lower west side and is about three miles south west of the downtown area. Pilsen's easy-going vibe is complemented by its strong art culture. Colorful murals have blossomed on the sides of buildings and homes, and the same creativity is everpresent in Pilsen's many galleries and studios, as well as the widely revered National Museum of Mexican Art.


Harrison Park, Honky Tonk Bar-be-cue and the Chicago Urban Arts Society are all frequented by locals. The Chicago Arts District spans several blocks of Pilsen and is full of galleries, exhibition spaces, and studios. On the second Friday of each month, Pilsen's Gallery Night allows visitors to tour over 30 galleries, lofts, and retail spaces. Thalia Hall is an antique venue that was re-established in 2013 as one of the city's best performance venues and is regarded as one the jewels of Pilsen.


Pilsen is bordered by the Stevenson expressway and has several CTA L pink line stops which take commuters directly to the downtown Loop area.

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