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Streeterville offers a broad selection of condos, with a median price hovering around $449,000. Residents like the architectural grandeur of this small, near north side Chicago neighborhood, which includes the unique juxtaposition of iconoclastic landmarks like the ornate Tribune Tower with the sleek, contemporary condo buildings that frame Chicago's stunning skyline.


Towering condominium high-rises are the norm, offering homeowners a high-end lifestyle with a view. Flanked on one side by the bustling sidewalks of Michigan Avenue and the wide open waters of Lake Michigan on the other, Streeterville is home some of the biggest attractions and most visited sites in Chicago. Dynamic Streeterville is the place to find both serene tranquility and lively, fast-paced Chicago action.
The restaurants are among some of the most memorable in the city. After all, how could anyone forget a meal at 1,000 feet in the air on the 95th floor of the Hancock Center? Stop by one of Streeterville's many brunch hot spots or grab tea at the iconic Drake Hotel. Of course, between the famous Ferris wheel and Friday night fireworks, Navy Pier, one of Streeterville's most beloved gems, makes for hours of entertainment.


In addition to being within close proximity to the Loop and walking distance from the heart of downtown Chicago, Lake Shore drive runs through Streeterville, allowing for easy access to further neighborhoods. Avoid commuter traffic by taking Lower Wacker Drive, which also runs directly through Streeterville.

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