Meet Scott Myers


Scott Myers was great – I definitely recommend his services! I gave him a list of everything I was looking for, and he was able to bring me through a host of places that fit my needs. He showed me buildings across a variety of neighborhoods, each with their own pros/cons. Throughout the tours, he asked owners and other brokers plenty of questions, so that I’d know exactly what I was getting. He even compiled a table comparing the strengths and weaknesses of each property.
Because I was out of state for the majority of the process, Scott did a ton of work setting up meetings and making sure the process proceeded efficiently. He always replied promptly over email, and made sure everything went smoothly, even through move-in. Scott was also a great ambassador for the city of Chicago. He gave me a ton of recommendations for day trips, sporting events, performances, and restaurants. Definitely a great experience with him, Downtown Realty Company, and Chicago overall!

– Joseph M.


The Loop! Or as I prefer to call it, “The Connecting Hub of Everything Everywhere!®”. The Loop is the most convenient place to live for my fast-paced lifestyle. Between the Loop’s thriving performing arts community, the proximity to the CTA, Millennium Park, the Riverwalk, the lively restaurant scene, the Lakefront Path biking trail, the happenings of the River North & West Loop neighborhoods, and of course the gorgeous views afforded by the amalgam of unique historical and contemporary architecture, I am thrilled to call this neighborhood my home!


I thrive in the team-oriented atmosphere that Downtown Realty Company has cultivated. I couldn’t imagine operating out of a more supportive office structure than the one that DRC provides. Every agent at DRC works towards a unified goal that we each contribute to and support one another in achieving: servicing our clientele to the absolute best of our ability no matter what the circumstances. This compassionate environment allows me to work at my highest level on behalf of my clients. It’s one of the many reasons I’m proud to be a member of the Downtown Realty Company family.



When I’m not doing my best impressions from the film adaptation of Glengarry Glen Ross around the office, I can be found bicycling, engaging in Chicago’s theatre scene, taking advantage of free gym trials, exploring new parts of the city, savoring artisanal cold-brew iced coffee on a bright summer morning, tending to my urban balcony garden, trying new restaurants, or partaking in any of my other never-ending list of interests, vocations, and leisurely pursuits!

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